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Date Posted:02/12/2018 02:22 AMCopy HTML

RCW Fall Out
Episode Two: Roman and Kaitlyn Reigns

||Harley Richards|| What is the problem that you have with RCW Management?

Roman Reigns: Candy happens to be my ex, so there is tension between the two of us. She keeps on trying to seduce me, so I have a huge problem with her over a lot of stuff.

|Andrew Ambrose| What is your thoughts on the problem that Roman and Candy Billiard have?

Kaitlyn Reigns:

|Andrew Ambrose|
Do you think the shield will be able to get all the gold in RCW?

Roman Reigns: Yeah I really think that The Shield can get all the gold in RCW. They are a great group, and they won't stop until they do just that.

||Harley Richards||
Do you think Roman's family is trying to split you two apart?

Kaitlyn Reigns:

||Harley Richards||
how do you feel facing your cousin and best friend in the main event of the first RCW show.

Roman Reigns: I have no problem facing them, and I am sure the three of us will bring our all into this match. The winner will be the one that deserves it, and I wish them both good luck as I am feeling pretty good about facing them.

|Andrew Ambrose| how do you feel knowing your husband is facing his cousin and best friend in the main event of the first RCW show.

Kaitlyn Reigns:

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