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Date Posted:01/18/2018 00:54 AMCopy HTML

Management Staff

PWA Owner

Athena Helmsley

XWA Owner

Wendy Stone-Styles

Head of Talent

Danielle McMahon


Matt Ward

Commissioner's assistant

Jasmine James
@Jasmine James

Redemption General Manager

Nicolette Heyman

Redemption General Manager

Melissa Jackson

Chaos General Manager

Chris Logan

Trainer Staff

XWA Training Staff

Head Trainer: Jacob Ryan
Head Female Trainer: Ashley Copeland

PWA Training Staff

Head Trainer: Ryan Cena
Head Female Trainer: Tamia Davis

Television Staff

Commentary Team

Play by Play: Anthony Lopez
Color Commentary: Andrew Ambrose

Ring Announcers

Kelsey Pierce (PWA Redemption)
Katlyn Shelley (XWA Chaos)

Backstage Interviewers

Angelica Styles (XWA Chaos)
Ashley Ramos (PWA Redemption)

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